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The four essential elements of your right idea + a free download

When you put yourself out there as the right person for a job, the right people will always take notice.

When I put myself out there as someone who can help build a life you love by building a business you love, I expected to have a few people sending me “can you help me start this business?” type emails. And I do get quite a bit of those.

But I also get a whole lot of something harder.

I get a lot of this…

so want a simpler life where I can do work I love and feel like I’m the one in control of where I spend my time & energy. I want my life to be about the things I care about. But I don’t know what to do!  I have no idea how to find the right business for me. I don’t know what kind of business I could start that I would love. Can you help me?!

Can we have a group hug of genuine empathy?!

That space is so.hard.  When you know that you want a different life, but you can’t quite define or describe that different life….yeah that.  It’s like psychologically and emotionally gasping for air.

If you’re there or you’ve been there, you know. It plays tricks with your psyche in so many tortuous ways.  And this is all you want to hear…

I can help!

First. Breathe. Don’t panic. Don’t rush this.

I know it feels like there’s no air in the room, but I assure you there is. Close your eyes & take a deep breath to remind yourself of that whenever you need to.

You don’t want to rush this because you don’t want to build this amazing, ideal life you’ve envisioned on top of something that simply can’t support it.  You want to build it on top of the right business for you.

You don’t need a bright idea. You need the right idea.

The right idea will lead you to a business that is sustainable, evolvable, compelling and transformative….for you.

No wonder this is so hard!

I want to give you a shortcut.

The four essential elements of your right idea.

(Click on the poster to see it full size!)

The right idea doesn’t have to be brand new and innovative.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to re-invent your life. You just have to find the thing that combines these four essential elements in a way that makes your heart sing and your brain buzz with possibilities.

The poster is a great start, but if you want to get serious about this idea-finding thing, you want the free companion workbook.

Go get your workbook!

Click the image to get your free workbook!

I don’t often make promises

The work I do doesn’t lend itself to many guarantees or promises. Everyone’s experiences and outcomes are different. For example, I can’t promise that your right idea will come shooting out of your brain today or tomorrow.

But, I will promise you this:

If you hear me out, I can turn that suffocating feeling of hope peppered with utter confusion into possibility, clarity, freedom, and momentum.

I’ll even go out on a limb and make one more promise.

I promise, when you find that thing you’re searching for, you’ll discover it’s been inside you all along.  

It always is. It always surprises people. There are always tears. But it’s there. I promise.

Go ahead, download your workbook.  Let’s start moving forward.

Your words of wisdom are welcome!

If you’re in that airless place, I’d love to read your comments about that. And if you’ve been there before, I’m sure everyone who is there now, would love to hear your words of wisdom.  Please feel free to reach out to each other…and to me…in the comments below.

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