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What’s the best gift you can give yourself for the year ahead?

Strength & confidence from clarity of purpose & path. Take a moment to pause and think about that.  I know those words are so often bandied about these days that we tend to not really notice them or absorb the meaning of them. So, close your eyes and imagine with me. Imagine yourself standing on […]

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The four essential elements of your right idea + a free download

When you put yourself out there as the right person for a job, the right people will always take notice. When I put myself out there as someone who can help build a life you love by building a business you love, I expected to have a few people sending me “can you help me start this business?” […]

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The Artists & the Crickets. An illustrated cautionary tale about friendship & marketing.

Once upon a time, a small group of artists found each other in the void. Little did they know that their adventures would someday become a cautionary tale for marketers everywhere. When they met, it was kismet. Finally they had proof that other people like them existed on the planet. People that just “get it.” […]

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Scratching & clawing past the Land of Agonizing Almost

In just 19 days, we’re going on a 37-day, 6500-mile road trip. We are moving across the continent, all the way from Alaska to Tennessee! For over six years, my husband and I have wanted to make this move as much as we want for air.  Planning for this day has become a way of life […]

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I built a new kind of playground for your brain: in celebration of ideation

To dream or not to dream? That’s the new question. As entrpreneurs, we’re fed a daily dose of contradiction from the experts about having and exploring new ideas. We’re told that we should keep them on the down low. Or get them out in the wild. Or we’re warned against chasing rainbows…told that ideas are […]

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