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What’s the best gift you can give yourself for the year ahead?

Strength & confidence from clarity of purpose & path.

Take a moment to pause and think about that.  I know those words are so often bandied about these days that we tend to not really notice them or absorb the meaning of them.

So, close your eyes and imagine with me.

Imagine yourself standing on chilly, foggy hill. You know your path starts here, but you can’t see a thing. You’re feeling disoriented, alone and a little panicky.

Then….imagine the fog starts to lift.

As the view clears, the sun shines. You can see many clearly marked paths all around you. As you turn around to consider them, you realize that you were never really alone. There have been countless others standing in the fog, right beside you all along.

A small group gathers around you at the top of the hill.

You discuss where each of you would like to go and which paths will take you there. Soon, the disorientation, loneliness and panic are a fading memory. You start out on your path, with a map in your hand…knowing you can reconnect with your fellow travelers whenever you confront a confusing fork in the road.

You have clarity. You have a purpose. You path is marked and lighted. This gives you confidence. And your confidence makes you strong.

You can give yourself this gift by attending the Mountain Movers Retreat this November.

Also…do you know why I picked early November for this retreat?

Because I want you to enjoy this holiday season without a hint of anxiety over what you’re going to do on January 2.

Please consider joining me! I know you’ll love it.

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