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What’s the best gift you can give yourself for the year ahead?

Strength & confidence from clarity of purpose & path. Take a moment to pause and think about that.  I know those words are so often bandied about these days that we tend to not really notice them or absorb the meaning of them. So, close your eyes and imagine with me. Imagine yourself standing on […]

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Darwin / Soda and Pet Food City

Why the future belongs to the freaks…like you.

Two weeks ago, I launched the Big Idea Machine.  Then, I stopped. I didn’t stop because I don’t want you to have the Big Idea Machine (because I really, really do want you to have it).  No, I stopped because I had an epiphany. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill epiphany, either. It came to me under fire […]

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They helped each other build foundations for the future.

Something incredible happened here at the end of January. I’ve been dying to tell you all about it ever since. Then a whole lot of life happened… including a new puppy, sick kids, a little bit of extensive home remodeling and some creative juicing while I developed a brand new business ideation series for you awesome people. Now that things […]

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