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They helped each other build foundations for the future.

Something incredible happened here at the end of January. I’ve been dying to tell you all about it ever since.

Then a whole lot of life happened… including a new puppy, sick kids, a little bit of extensive home remodeling and some creative juicing while I developed a brand new business ideation series for you awesome people.

Now that things are starting to return to normal, I’m running back here to tell you all about what happened here on the morning of January 20th.

We kicked off the very first Self-Made Business Academy Three-Day Build.

It was every single possible level of amazing!

On Friday, the first of our three days together, three strangers and myself met up on Skype and started getting to know each other.

Besides learning all kinds of juicy, useful, genius stuff about their businesses and their goals and their ideal lives, everyone learned the most about themselves.

I had the breathtaking and humbling privilege to stand witness as each of these women opened up to an entirely new world of possibility and potentiality for their businesses and their lives.

It was magical.

As beautiful as it was, the retreat was even more than that.

They helped each other build the foundations for their futures.

There exists a beautiful tradition where communities full of independent, self-sufficient families would come together to hold a barn raising.  The whole community would join in to help one family build a barn that would support their livelihood for generations to come.

The other families didn’t help because someone asked or because it was expected of them. They helped because the help (and love and support and encouragement and understanding) you freely give to the members of your community will always return to you 10-fold.

That is exactly what happened during the epic and amazing SMBA Three-Day Build. As we were worked together, we gave each other pragmatic feedback & input, we offered each other emotional support and genuine understanding, we crafted business models & wordsmithed spine-tingling value statements…. I came to a sudden and awesome realization:

We were all participants in a beautiful, cooperative, collaborative, supportive virtual barnraising!

I created the Self-Made Business Academy to be a fun, thought-provoking, potential-expanding crash course in business. But after watching these women come together and virtually raise each other’s barn over three incredible days…After watching complete strangers connected only through the ether develop real, tangible friendships that will last a lifetime….After a lot of laughter, countless ah-ha moments and a few tears…After all of that, I can honestly, easily and enthusiastically tell you that this is so much morethan a crash course in business.

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