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They helped each other build foundations for the future.

Something incredible happened here at the end of January. I’ve been dying to tell you all about it ever since. Then a whole lot of life happened… including a new puppy, sick kids, a little bit of extensive home remodeling and some creative juicing while I developed a brand new business ideation series for you awesome people. Now that things […]

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What your kids know about life that you forgot

Fearlessness. Uninhibited curiosity. An unquenchable thirst for adventure. Kids are magical creatures with an unimaginable capacity to adapt and learn from the world around them. Kids see the world through a lens of possibility. When confronted with a risk vs reward scenario, adults spend a lot of time detailing and categorizing all of the risks. Kids […]

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Why you should launch your business like a family fishing trip

You’ve come up with a fan-tabulous, fail-proof idea for a new business. Great! Now what? What are you supposed to do next?  Umm….yeah. That’s right where most great ideas stop.  And that’s a shame. A terrible, horrible, awful, injustice to the world kind of shame. It’s not surprising though. [Hold on a sec while I […]

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