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The four essential elements of your right idea + a free download

When you put yourself out there as the right person for a job, the right people will always take notice. When I put myself out there as someone who can help build a life you love by building a business you love, I expected to have a few people sending me “can you help me start this business?” […]

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Evolution - The Ride

The Life Cycle for Revolutionaries. How your business evolves and why you don’t suck.

You want a different life. You want to live in a world of your own design. You and your business are both evolving. All the time. Always. In every way. This r-evolution happens in cycles.  The only way to not live within this cycle is to sit still and never change. But that’s not you. […]

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They helped each other build foundations for the future.

Something incredible happened here at the end of January. I’ve been dying to tell you all about it ever since. Then a whole lot of life happened… including a new puppy, sick kids, a little bit of extensive home remodeling and some creative juicing while I developed a brand new business ideation series for you awesome people. Now that things […]

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Baptism cake

Can you really have a business plan without writing a…um…business plan?

Holy squeee!!!! You just made a the cutest fricken’ cake on the planet!  Seriously, you can stop looking at it. It’s so insanely adorable. And you know it’s going to taste great because you used your grandma’s world-famous devil’s food recipe. Mmmm…you’ve got a fresh cup of coffee ready & you can’t wait to chow […]

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The Doctor Is Who?

Are you condemning the future to death so it can match the past?

For best results, listen to this song before reading or while reading this post. aimee mann – AimeeMann-MomentumPowered by You can’t see what lies ahead if you only look behind. I feel little like I’m stuck in the movie, Groundhog Day. I keep having this same conversation…during coaching calls, in forums, in mastermind groups, […]

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