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Evolution - The Ride

The Life Cycle for Revolutionaries. How your business evolves and why you don’t suck.

You want a different life. You want to live in a world of your own design.

You and your business are both evolving. All the time. Always. In every way.

This r-evolution happens in cycles. 

The only way to not live within this cycle is to sit still and never change.

But that’s not you. Ohellno.

You are a R-Evolutionary.

Here’s how it works:


Every evolution starts here. It begins with a yearning or unease with the current situation and a feeling of untapped potentiality.


Awakening leads to designing.  This is where problem-solving & innovation happen. You begin imagining, dreaming, idea finding and idea sifting.


Once an idea takes hold, then comes building.  Things really start to happen here, like creating, planning, defining and researching, clarifying.


Here you’re rockin’ & rollin’. Putting all of those plans into action. Generally getting shit done. Making money. Taking names. Loving life. Everything seems to roll toward you.

When we set out, we tend to think of this place as our destination. This is where we’ll find our groove and life fulfillment will have been achieved.  And that’s true…sort of.

Because you’re an evolutionary, revolutionary being…you won’t stay there. No matter how amazing it felt to get there.


All of that rockin’ and rollin’ will inevitably lead you to dream of bigger things. The bar gets raised.  You’re horizon changes.  The definition of your “ideal life” evolves. And so the cycle continues…

Rinse & Repeat

Growth will always lead you into new awakenings. Which means you get to repeat the cycle. You’ll redefine and reframe your amazing work and your amazing life 100x over…at least.

The best part is every time you repeat the cycle, it gets easier. You get better at the process. You get more clarity each time around.

You begin realize that life fulfillment is to be found in every single step along the way.

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3 Responses to The Life Cycle for Revolutionaries. How your business evolves and why you don’t suck.

  1. MktgRevolution April 10, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    This is so very, very true. But it’s easy to forget that this evolution is an ongoing cycle — and I often want to fast-forward through the parts of the cycle that I really enjoy because I’m anxious to get to the part of the cycle where I’m rocking and rolling! Learning to honor each part of the cycle is perhaps my greatest challenge.

  2. Erica Holthausen April 10, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    I hadn’t really thought of the evolutionary nature of my business, but this is so completely accurate. I really love the awakening, designing and building stages — but I tend to rush through them in an effort to get to the functioning stage, which is more comfortable (at least for a little while). My greatest challenge is to honor the process and enjoy my current building stage while it lasts.

  3. Danielle Marie May 26, 2012 at 6:41 am #

    great post! I currently feel inbetween designing/building. It’s great to remind ourselves that even when we ‘get there’, it’s not some hard and set place, that we will continue to grow and evolve. it makes the ‘getting there’ seem more achievable. thanks!

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