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The four essential elements of your right idea + a free download

When you put yourself out there as the right person for a job, the right people will always take notice. When I put myself out there as someone who can help build a life you love by building a business you love, I expected to have a few people sending me “can you help me start this business?” […]

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Astro Smiles

Turn your love for dogs into a life you love. A dozen dog business ideas with resources to get you thinking.

Last month, we rescued a puppy. It was not the smart thing to do. We have the world’s most awesome dog already. And at 18 months, Olive is still a puppy herself.  We also have two girls that just turned five. We’re remodeling the home we live in, and we’re still getting acclimated to a […]

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chain to desk

How to be self-employed without living invoice-to-invoice. Plus a rate setting primer.

Yesterday, a BrainyFeet reader disagreed with me in the comments. I’ll give you a minute to recover from the shock. What!? You’re not shocked? Hmm…neither was I really. Here’s what happened:  Yesterday’s post listed 6 big, business killing mistakes I really hope you don’t make, in which is introduced the idea that Unsustainable: The trap of […]

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Your Not-a-Business-Plan “Plan” for your Business

The good news: If you’re starting a business with your own green, you don’t need a fancy schmanzy business plan. The bad other news: I know you’re a rebel & a non-conformist, but if you want this thing to happen, you still need a freakin’ plan! What you should know about business plans In Part […]

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The one where the super hero kicks the drama queen’s ass

On with the previously scheduled programming… Enough with this bull shit guilt! You have upended your entire life so you can spend more time being a hands-on parent to your kids. You did all of this…took all of this risk for the most amazing reward: So you could have a life you love while you’re […]

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