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The one where the super hero kicks the drama queen’s ass

This isn’t about you: This is actually a letter from me to me.  More specifically, this letter is from the smart, confident genius me to the lame, pathetic drama queen me.  I don’t let her out very often because, well, like I said, she’s pathetic.  But lately she’s been getting a little lippy with me and she needed to be bitch slapped ehm…told to be quiet.  I decided to share it with you just on the off chance you have a drama queen living deep inside of you that also needs to shut the hell up.

One more thing: This is filter free. Normally…I know, you may not believe this…but normally, I do filter my use of language before I click the Publish button. Not today. This bitch needs to hear it like it is. I’m not always mean to her. I’ve read all the stuff about allowing her space…listening to her BS…etc. I get that, but sometimes she seriously just needs to to told where to put it.  So, if you have delicate ears…or eyes (?), maybe you should step out now and go read this really nice, inspirational post from last week about my awesome new Grant Program.

On with the previously scheduled programming…

Enough with this bull shit guilt!

You have upended your entire life so you can spend more time being a hands-on parent to your kids.

You did all of this…took all of this risk for the most amazing reward: So you could have a life you love while you’re doing work you love.

That is fucking heroic!

Then you have to go and poison it all by spreading on this ridiculous layer of guilt!?

What the hell is wrong with you?

How in the hell did “spending more time being hands on” become “spending every single freaking moment being hands-on?”

Not even a completely financially supported stay-at-home parent can muster every single freaking moment.  And that is SO NOT you.

You’re an entrepreneur. You have a business to run, dammit!

Let’s cut the crap and be real about that. Who’s going to feed the precious center-of-your-world cherubs if you don’t get the fuck to work?

So shut the hell up and find a way to be okay with that.

Stop feeling guilty. Sometimes the overwhelming need to get some shit done means you have to lock yourself in your room for a few hours.  And if the minions won’t stop pounding…or kicking…at the door,  then maybe it’s time to sneak out the back door and haul your laptop to a coffee shop.

Or you could buy some propane and set up shop in the family camper that’s parked in the driveway….all by its useless, winter-time lonesome.

And what if work…you know, W-O-O-R-R-R-K…(Oooh, I’m totally getting visions of Better Off Dead and Lane’s neighbor’s kooky mom squeezing the poor French girl’s cheeks. I feel a movie night coming on! But…)

…aaas I was saying…

What if work takes you out of town for a few days? Will the whole world just stop spinning?  Will the munchkins stop loving your squeezy hugs and start throwing their own poo?  (Hint: The correct answer here is NO.)

They’re loved. They’re fed. They’re clothed. They’re entertained. They have a super hero looking out for them daily…probably two. Daddy (or Mommy or the Grandma or…fill in your caregiver here) can handle whatever chaos happens to ensue while you put on your headphones and get some freaking work done already!

You are setting an unbelievably amazing example of independence for your kids!

You have claimed the freedom to choose when you’ll be fully present in your work and when you’ll be fully present with your family.

Read that again:

You claimed the freedom to choose.

That is so spine-tinglingly powerful!

As an entrepreneur, you now own that choice.  It’s insanely liberating to know that.

So allow yourself to feel liberated and let go of all the other crap.

That shit will eat you alive.

Note image: Francis Storr

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3 Responses to The one where the super hero kicks the drama queen’s ass

  1. kim noeth January 14, 2012 at 6:49 am #

    Thanks, I desperately needed that kick in the pants! Stay strong..whether you know it or not you are carrying a lot of people…who can’t carry themselves at times..Kinda like how Rachel Ray comes into our homes through the TV all bubbly and friendly and makes one forget their probs.. for awhile..Well, you do that for me on the internet..Thanks a bunch.

    • LarahRitchie January 14, 2012 at 9:25 am #

      @kim noeth Wow Kim! You sure know how to make a girl feel great! I love knowing that you’re out there, reading and scheming and dreaming. I really do love that. I makes me tick. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. <3


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