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Let’s change education forever! No, really, for ever & for everyone.

Our education system is a obsolete. It was designed for a world that’s radically different from the world we live in today. We now know infinitely more about how, when and why people….all people of all ages…actually learn. We now live in an age where the entirety of human knowledge is available at our fingertips. […]

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On turning 40, coming out & savoring life on the periphery

Today I turned 40. I’ve heard women say time and again that after 40 you just stop caring what other people think of you and live your life. The thing is, I’ve always had a pretty wide and visible streak of ‘who gives a fuck’ when it comes to other people’s opinions of my life and how I […]

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Mr Romantic

Our refusal to accept anything less

A few weeks ago, I posted a bit of a temper tantrum. This is my apology. That was not my best day. Yeah, yeah, it was honest and authentic and we all have days like that. But this is a new blog and we’re just getting to know each other and that rant isn’t really […]

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Why you should launch your business like a family fishing trip

You’ve come up with a fan-tabulous, fail-proof idea for a new business. Great! Now what? What are you supposed to do next?  Umm….yeah. That’s right where most great ideas stop.  And that’s a shame. A terrible, horrible, awful, injustice to the world kind of shame. It’s not surprising though. [Hold on a sec while I […]

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017 - Mirrored circles

Happy Venn-sday! Well-Blended Living

Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of words to make a point.  The well-blended goal is to live in the middle of this Venn as often as possible…or at least in one of the three cross-over areas. Ponder this messy little Venn.  What types of activities would you list in each area?  How would it […]

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