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11.10.2010 <refrigerator wisdom> 299/365

This little bit of evil word play will shake you to your core

Do you know the difference between a want and a need? I’m sure you do.  We’ve all heard our mom’s voice come out of our own mouth at one point, right? Like when you correct the kid who just said she neeeeeds the newest iPod or that new video game or to go to the […]

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sensitive noise / obvious 2

5 questions to ask your potentially stupid new business idea

So, you’ve had this brilliant idea for a new business. It hit you like a ton of bricks at 3am. You jumped out of bed and started furiously dumping your brain onto paper or the keyboard. But is it any good? Or is it total crap? Jumping in with both feet is good. But, sometimes […]

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Creepy Kid

How entrepreneurs are like zombies & 3 year olds

 Three-year old zombies Hello, my name is Larah and I’m obsessed with zombies. Needless to say, I’ve watch my fair share of zombie movies.  I’ve always suspected that  parts of the zombie culture have oozed into other parts of my life.  That suspicion was confirmed on Saturday when one of my 3 year old twins […]

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