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The Artists & the Crickets. An illustrated cautionary tale about friendship & marketing.

Once upon a time, a small group of artists found each other in the void. Little did they know that their adventures would someday become a cautionary tale for marketers everywhere. When they met, it was kismet. Finally they had proof that other people like them existed on the planet. People that just “get it.” […]

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Broken Light

How to get great ideas in two simple steps

Ideas, ideas everywhere and not a thought to think. Lately, it seems like everyone’s talking about having too many ideas and not enough time to implement all of them. Some say that creativity and innovation are having a revival. Maybe you’re feeling like you weren’t invited to this party. What if you’re having the opposite […]

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Your Not-a-Business-Plan “Plan” for your Business

The good news: If you’re starting a business with your own green, you don’t need a fancy schmanzy business plan. The bad other news: I know you’re a rebel & a non-conformist, but if you want this thing to happen, you still need a freakin’ plan! What you should know about business plans In Part […]

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Baptism cake

Can you really have a business plan without writing a…um…business plan?

Holy squeee!!!! You just made a the cutest fricken’ cake on the planet!  Seriously, you can stop looking at it. It’s so insanely adorable. And you know it’s going to taste great because you used your grandma’s world-famous devil’s food recipe. Mmmm…you’ve got a fresh cup of coffee ready & you can’t wait to chow […]

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Don't Play in the Quicksand

Avoiding the quicksand & other analogies for dreamers

Sometimes, I get so excited about all of the big things I’m planning to do that I don’t actually do the little things that’ll get me there. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that does this There are a thousand of reasons why we don’t just get up and start walking toward our goal. […]

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