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bathtub in the yurt

How I found my heart through radical change and transformation

Or, the story of why I cut my hair, changed my name and moved clear across the country. If you’re uncomfortable where you are, move. I’ve spewed those genuine words of wisdom at clients and colleagues and friends for years. Always with a lump in my throat. Always with a guilt chaser. Because I was […]

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I built a new kind of playground for your brain: in celebration of ideation

To dream or not to dream? That’s the new question. As entrpreneurs, we’re fed a daily dose of contradiction from the experts about having and exploring new ideas. We’re told that we should keep them on the down low. Or get them out in the wild. Or we’re warned against chasing rainbows…told that ideas are […]

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What your kids know about life that you forgot

Fearlessness. Uninhibited curiosity. An unquenchable thirst for adventure. Kids are magical creatures with an unimaginable capacity to adapt and learn from the world around them. Kids see the world through a lens of possibility. When confronted with a risk vs reward scenario, adults spend a lot of time detailing and categorizing all of the risks. Kids […]

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catching the bubble

How I’m breaking out of the bubble bursting business

It was 2006, and it was a day like any other.  A proud, beautiful woman walked into the Women’s Business Center to bare her soul and ask me for advice. She’d been through hell and was looking for a path back. Her story unfolded in front of me as tears came to her eyes…and to […]

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fear, conform, consume

Why the Joneses can suck it…or how conformity will kill your dreams.

Winter has officially eaten then entire United States of America (except Florida). From Oregon to Alabama, people everywhere are hunkered down. Stuck in their homes. Trapped there by gazillions of little tiny flakes of ice. …and many of them are ready to kill each other. Are you one of them? Or are you one of […]

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