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How to be self-employed without living invoice-to-invoice. Plus a rate setting primer.

Yesterday, a BrainyFeet reader disagreed with me in the comments. I’ll give you a minute to recover from the shock. What!? You’re not shocked? Hmm…neither was I really. Here’s what happened:  Yesterday’s post listed 6 big, business killing mistakes I really hope you don’t make, in which is introduced the idea that Unsustainable: The trap of […]

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Protect yourself against these six common reasons micro-businesses fail

If you’ve ever told anyone about your plans to go into business for yourself, it’s a pretty safe bet someone has replied, in no uncertain terms, that you’re doomed to failure. Then you nod and smile and keep walking your path. As well you should. The problem is, the doomsdayers aren’t all wrong. Self-employed, freelancers and […]

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